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FAQ: Are you working face to face?

As the UK government changes its approach to COVID, from one in which the government provides instruction, to one in which we are encouraged to exercise "personal responsibility" we are going to begin to see our high streets and day to day life begin to change. Sometimes this change might feel rapid, others it might be almost indistinguishable from what went before. Vaccines and contact tracing help bring things back to normal to a degree. But one thing is sure; there is still Coronavirus in our communities.

This change of policy emphasis means having to reassess how therapy works. At time of writing this, I am unable to see face to face clients. This is not intended to be a permanent situation, but will be contingent on outside factors (such as local COVID rates), as well as considerations around the building I operate from, the clients I see and a clinical assessment of need. One serious consideration is whether the current situation is stable enough to work face to face consistently; is there a likelihood that face to face working will be disrupted, possibly repeatedly? An important part of counselling is consistency, and if that can't be offered there is a good chance that counselling might be less effective or helpful than it ought to be.

This doesn't mean I am not seeing clients!

- Work is still taking place online, using Zoom or phone.

- Where clients would like to, it is possible to start with the aim of transitioning to face to face work at a later date.

- If you feel that only face to face working is appropriate, I am able to run a waiting list for when this becomes available.

Thank you,

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