What do I offer?

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What kind of counselling do I offer?

The type of counselling I offer is integrative, evidenced-based and holistic.

 Integrative counselling means I use interventions and techniques from several different counselling styles. In my case these are Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Person Centred (PCT) and Attachment based. This integration allow me to work short-term and long-term, to work with symptoms as well as emotions, and work with issues that may be rooted in your past. We work together collaboratively, so we can adapt and change your therapy to suit your needs.

Evidence-based means we will be using techniques with scientific or academic evidence to support them. It is important that your therapist knows what they are doing, how effective a treatment might be and any risk involved.

Holistic means we will be working with you as a 'whole person'. You are not a list of symptoms, problems and complaints. We live lives full of complex interactions and links, and our therapy will accept that sometimes the things that bring us to therapy might be complex too. I hope we can create a space where we can explore and understand the things that bring us to therapy in the context of our whole selves.

Counselling for Individuals

Working 1:1 with a therapist can be extremely useful, rewarding and effective.

I offer therapy on a 1:1 basis for 50 minute sessions in Sheffield. This is from a purpose built counselling space at the Harland Works, close to the centre of Sheffield.


1:1 therapy is bespoke; this means it is tailored to suit your needs. My training allows me to offer therapy that can be long-term or short-term, focused on specific issues or broad in scope. No two people are the same, and so we will work together to establish what you want from therapy, how often you would like to have a session, when your sessions are and how we work together. I understand that we all lead busy lives, and sometimes we need our therapist to be flexible.

If you are interested in having individual counselling, please contact me through this website.

Counselling for Businesses and Organisations

Employers understand that the health and well-being of their employees can impact on their work. Mental health is a major contributor to staff absence, staff retention and can impact on staff performance.


I offer a bespoke service in which your employees can access evidence based, high-quality therapeutic support, confidentially and outside the work environment.

If you are interested in offering your employees access to therapeutic services, please contact me to discuss what provision you would like to provide and how you would like to structure that provision.

Counselling for Schools and Young People

As well as 6 years experience of working with young people, in both teaching and pastoral roles, I have also completed additional training in counselling Children and Young People. This training allows me to demonstrate that I operate to the standards and ethics of the BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists), to ensure provision of counselling is suitable and accessible.

I no longer offer sessions for young people from Unit 13, Harland Works. Instead I see clients as an associate at The Apple Tree Centre, on Brocco Bank, using their excellent facilities for working with Children, Young People and Families.

If you are seeking counselling for a child or young person, please contact me to discuss how I could help you.

Consultancy and Training

Supporting individuals with mental health issues can be confusing and challenging for those around them. I have previously supported carers and school staff with workshops on understanding mental health issues, and how best to support individuals in school and care settings.

Training and consultancy is bespoke, and designed to meet the needs of your organisation; please contact me if you are interested in discussing how we can arrange this.